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glad, that you showed up on our site! Do you know the geogame Finde Vielfalt Simulation? No?

Then watch our film (in German):

At Finde Vielfalt Simulation you are playing  geogames with a smartphone out in nature. You dive in into a game narrative, where you have to solve the predicament between economic interests and nature conservation objectives.

The game narrative leads you to real places in nature, where you have to solve tasks about biodiversity. You need to make decisions which will influence the outcome of the game and to solve the predicament. Are you able to bring the economic interests and the nature conservation objects in balance?

Depending on the achieved score it is deceided which award you will get. Will you be announced “great orchard grower with glamour factor”? Find out at Finde Vielfalt Simulation.

There are five different versions of Finde Vielfalt Simulation

Involved in the project are following youth hostels:

Born-Ibenhorst (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), Braunlage (Niedersachsen),

Eichstätt (Bayern),

Garmisch-Patenkirchen (Bayern),

Lauterbach (Baden-Württemberg),

Lindlar (Nordrhein-Westfalen),

Mittenwald (Bayern),

Osnabrück (Niedersachen) and

Schierke (Sachsen-Anhalt).

The topic for five youth hostels have been already deceided:

Game topic
urban biodiversity

Game topic

sheep keeping

Game topic
traditional orchard

Game topic
cattle keeping

Game topic
lynx and wildcat reintroduction



Bad Urach



The geogames Finde Vielfalt Simulation are developed within the project "Finde Vielfalt - Biodiversität erleben mit ortsbezogenen Spielen (BioDiv2Go)". Finde Vielfalt is a research project of the University of Education Ludwigburg, the University Bamberg and the German Youth Hostels.

We are currently developing our five games of Finde Vielfalt Simulation. You will be informed on this website when the games are playable for you and your class.


We are eveluating the data of our previous test games. Therefore we take a close look at the game data and evaluate the questionaire. We look forward with eager anticipation to the resuts and will tell you here about it!

Our game test is going in round two - we are testing the game in Filderstadt. We've created a test game  to gather even more game data. So more classes can play our game.

We are still testing our game in Bad Urach. Sublevel school classes and also senior classes are playing the game in Bad Urach.

We are currently in a field test at the youth hostel Bad Urach with our first simulation game to the topic traditional orchard.

News about the game can be found here.

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