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Dear teacher,


our geogame Der Grüne Schatz is a trading card game for children at primary schools, which invites to explore the local biodiversity. The children search for plants with special properties and those grow everywhere. You just have to find them.

You can play the game with your class everywhere Germany-wide. Why don't you and your class start on the next meadow in your neighborhood or at your next stroll in the woods.


You will get supporting material for the game, so you can integrate it in your biology lectures. The game does not have a fixed playing time and can be adapted to every lesson plan. Although you should provide at least half an hour for it.



The game is for free and can be played on our website. You just need a smartphone or a tablet for your class. We recommend to play the game in groups of three or four.

You don't need any prior knowledge of smartphone games. The game explains itselves while playing it with the help of our game family FindeViel (find a lot).

Watch our Video About the grünen schatz



The Game Der Grüne Schatz can be played here for free on our homepage with iOS and Android.

Our game Der Grüne Schatz is complete and can be played here.


You still got questions? Visit our FAQ area or write us.

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