geogame Finde Vielfalt Simulation


The geogame Finde Vielfalt Simulation is a simulation game for pupils from class 7 and upwards, which challenges them to discover nature and puts the biodiversity at the centre of things. Within the game the predicament between economic interests and nature conservation objectives has to be solved. The teenager dives in into a game narrative, which leads them to real places in nature, where they have to solve tasks about biodiversity. The player needs to make decisions which will influence the outcome of the game. To deal with the predicament is one of the key tasks in youth development.


The goal of the game is to achieve economic success and also to maintain biodiversity. Depending on the achieved score it is decided which award the player gets.

Those who manage to trade sustainable and profitably will be announced "Biodiversity-new-hope" with glamour factor.

The game is available in different versions matching to the natural area of the ten project participating youth hostels, which are distributed around Germany. The players can either do cattle or sheep keeping, can reintroduce lynxes and wildcats, can cultivate a traditional orchard or can deal with conflict of use in the country  and in town.

Where and when which game topic of Finde Vielfalt Simulation will be playable will be announce here at our homepage.

Currently our field test of Finde Vielfalt Simulation about the game topic traditional orchard is in progress at the youth hostel Bad Urach. You can find updates about the process of development of the games and when the games are bookable at our Blog on our homepage.

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