The Geogame Der Grüne Schatz


A mobile trading card game, which invites families with children of the age of 6 to 12 to explore the local biodiversity.


The geogame Der Grüne Schatz is a mobile trading card game for families with children aged 6-12. The game can be played all over Germany during a walk of about one hour. Plants with special characteristics should be found in this game. These grow in completely different places - they just have to be found.



Special characteristics for example are edibility, distribution or special stories or usages of the plants. These characteristics show deliberately parallels to the discussed criteria in nature conservation. The players use photo-function on their smartphone or tablet to document their discoveries and get digital trading card, which have to be sorted in different treasure chests.


Treasure Chests in the Geogame Der Grüne Schatz

In every level of the game Der Grüne Schatz are three different treasure chests available for selection.


The value of the discovered plant can’t be known from the start. This is different to other collection games. The value depends on the perspective. The Foxglove might be a valuable medical plant, but is unsuitable as a food product. Even the dandelion can still surprise the player with unexpected values. The aim is to fill several treasure chests with suitable discoveries, for example fill the curability-chest with medically valuable plants.





Every discovery can surprise: in which aspect is the plant especially valuable? To answer this, the game's website can be helpful. It can be visited from everywhere with your smartphone or tablet.

But every discovery also requires a decision: into which treasure chest should you sort the discovered plant? Finally every treasure chest should be filled.



For the ideal use of a discovery you have to consider which chests can be filled easier and which chests are difficult to fill within this area. In addition you have to consider which other plant discoveries are to expect. The game mechanics leads the player to engage properly with the characteristics and the discovered species and consequently getting to know local biodiversity.

Spielfamilie Findeviel




In the game you will get help of Game family Findplenty with support and game explanations and they guide the players as Identification figures throughout the game.


You can play the game with iOS or Android  here for free.

Our Game Der Grüne Schatz is finished. You can play it here for free with iOS or Android with your family.

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