Der Grüne Schatz

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Hello there,


we have developed the game Der Grüne Schatz for you and your family. At the Grünen Schatz you go with family FindeViel on treasure hunt for plants with special properties. Those plants grow everywhere - you just have to find them. This could be a dandelion for example or even a beech tree.

But what kind of special properties do plants have?  For example they can be eatable or poisonous, particularly rare or very common or they can have a special story to tell.

Some plants are even beneficial and can cure illnesses, some have special features or are powdered by certain animals. Plants can do more than you can imagine.  What it is that plants can do, you'll find out in the game Der Grüne Schatz.

Watch the video (in German) of Der Grüne Schatz right here:




You've seen already a lot about the family FindeViel.

Here you get to know the game family with Felix, Flora, Franka, Ferdinand and dog Frida even better.

To play Der Grüne Schatz you naturally have to go outside – because plants grow there.

As long as you're outside, you can play it everywhere - in front of your doorstep or at a stroll in the woods. It is best if you go with your parents to a place where lots of different plants are growing.



You just need a smartphone or a tablet.

You don't need an own mobile, because you're playing the game with your parents - they surly got one.

And who is allowed to play the game? Der Grüne Schatz is a game for families with children between 6 and 12. If you are older than that, you're still allowed to play it though. It is best when you play it with your parents during a walk. Or you just start with your search at home in your garden or at your doorstep. For plants grow everywhere!


What may interests your parents: The game has been developed from two universities and is therefor for free. We don't want to earn money with it.


Our game Der Grüne Schatz is completed!

You can play it here together with your family.

Let's go - search your own green treasure!

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